The members of the MCF come from the military community, which consists of serving and retired military and their families, as well as serving and retired DND public servants.  While the Church cares about people of the military community, they find it difficult to related to them. Often times military community members feel out of place in local churches because the life they live is different; it is characterized by an unusual degree of uncertainty, mobility and risk. In contrast, MCF members understand the unique challenges and realities that exist in the military lifestyle because they have lived it. They have stood shoulder to shoulder with the brotherhood/sisterhood of the military community. The MCF is a bridge between the Church and the military community to resource and serve both cultures.

There are many viewpoints with respect to being a member of any organization. Some strongly support membership, while others question its value. Principally, membership is a three-way relationship: relationship between the organization and the member, relationship between the member and the organization, and relationship among members. Relationships are personified by shared values, shared goals, shared effort, mutual love and respect as well as submission to each other. Becoming a member is to formalize a relationship. Too frequently people shy away from relationship, an act for which there are many reasons; however, in the MCF we see that we need to work as a team and we need to know that we are committed to each other, and that we can depend on each other. Membership has requirements and expectations giving everyone a sense of identity, and unity. The MCF has two types of membership: Regular members and Associate members.

Regular Members of the MCF of Canada shall be from all branches of the Canadian Forces or other nations’ military forces who establish residence in Canada whether:

Regular Force (currently serving and retired); Reserve Force, including the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service and the Supplementary Reserve (currently serving and retired); Civilians working for the Department of National Defence (currently serving and retired); Members of other nation’s military fellowship organizations who establish residence in Canada; and Spouses and adult children of any of the above.

Associate Members of the MCF of Canada shall be anyone who wishes to be part of the MCF mission. 
Associate Members will be accorded every privilege of regular membership in the MCF of Canada except that Associate Members shall not vote on any constitutional amendment.

Membership Requirements. Those who desire to become members of the MCF shall meet the following requirements:

Trust Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord;

Agree with the MCF Lines of Operation, Statement of Belief, and CONSTITUTION 2019.

Membership Expectations. Members of the MCF are expected to:

Grow in your faith in Jesus. Worship regularly with a local church family. Participate actively in the MCF. Support the MCF financially.

Join Us:

If you are interested in doing more to promote Christian faith in the Military Community through the MCF, then we encourage you to become a member by completing the Membership Request form below. If you have read the above information but still have questions about membership, please contact us at MCF office for more details.

The MCF of Canada Membership Request Form

    I have read and agree with:

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    As a member I am:

    Please provide the MCF office with your contact details.
    This will help us connect you with other members in your community.

    First name:
    Last name:
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    If this is a new membership, a member of the executive team will contact you. What is your preferred method of communication?