Great Canadian Giving Challenge

We sincerely thank everyone who has partnered with us in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.  


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge*, and it’s bigger and better than ever! For every donation of $10 or more to any charity via in June, you get one entry to win incredible adventure-themed prizes. CanadaHelps will also be awarding two prizes of $10,000 donations to two charities!

The Military Christian Fellowship of Canada is supported through people like you. Would you consider a one-time gift this June? Your support and prayers are invaluable in our mission to touch lives and share the love of Jesus.

Deployed-Podcast – “DP1”.

“Discussing faith, family, and work life as a Christian.” 

Allow me to introduce myself, Rick Campbell, pastor of Deployed Church, an online ministry of Oromocto Baptist Church.  This online ministry provides audio podcast for you to listen to at your convenience and encourage you in your faith.
The aim of these podcasts is to discuss faith, family, and work life as a Christian who is currently active or retired from the military.
The goal of these podcasts is to pass on the experiences of Christian military members and retirees to other members, their families and to the broader church family.
The topics we discuss are faith, family, and work. The experiences shared in these podcasts, will uplift, and strengthen you in your walk with Christ.
Recording are done in audio and then posted to the podcast platforms. (DP1 Deployed Podcast). Guests have the option of not using their name or using initials or a first name.

Do not hesitate to provide us with feedback or if you have any questions or comments about the podcast you can contact us at the MCF office

In Christ,
Rick Campbell
DP1 Deployed 

How should Christians in the CAF respond to and influence the cultural change that is reaching every aspect of our institution?

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, join the discussion led by panel members who have, like all of us, found themselves facing the inevitable tension between recent cultural change initiatives and their faith in Jesus Christ.

Can we serve without compromising our faith? Can we truly love our non-Christian comrades? Is there still a place for Christians in the CAF?

There are no easy answers, but as Christians we know that where we need to look is to God and his word, as a community. This discussion will provide a chance to listen and ask questions as we all seek to serve faithfully.

To make the discussion available across the country, there will be 2 sessions on 6 Feb, the first from 1900-2030 EST followed by 1900-2030 MST. Feel free to join whichever one works best with your schedule.

The panel will be hosted by the Military Christian Fellowship and open to all members of the military Christian community who are asking these kinds of questions. It will be live on Discord.

Please contact the event coordinator, Andrew Haves through the MCF office for more information and to receive the link to Discord.

Coming March 2024

Again this year we will meet without having to physically travel to a specific location for our AGM. As we did in the past few years, we will be using the teleconferencing application called “ZOOM”. We have had great success with this application for connecting with our members and supporters.

Please contact our office for more details.

Only members of the Military Christian Fellowship of Canada will be given the right to vote at the AGM.

National Communion Call

The MCF is inviting you to join with many across the nation for a National Communion Gathering hosted by the CRY / NDOPs

Please plan to join us on APRIL 6th (3 pm ET) for our Annual National Communion Service (online) for Passover

As we have entered into 2023, there continues to be a strong emphasis across the Body of Christ on the power of the Blood of Christ.
It is as though, while the nations shake and shift, there is a call from Heaven to continue to intentionally hide our hearts and homes under the covering of the Blood of the Lamb.
There is a pull in all of us to gather again for another time of humbling our hearts together before the Lord. We hope you will join us.
During the online gathering, there will be worship, prayer, special exhortation and communion together led by senior national leaders.
Click here to register now.
A link will be sent to all registrants to join live or watch the replay.
French translation will also be provided for those who participated via the Zoom webinar option.

God bless you and God bless Canada,
Faytene Grasseschi
Passover ’23 Host, TheCRY / NDOPs

Sharing Life, Hope and Jesus on Alpha

It’s time to consider whom to invite to our next Alpha course. Registration is underway and we would love for you to join us on the online Alpha course the MCF is offering this winter.

The Alpha course is an excellent tool we use in accomplishing the core mission of the MCF, “to bring the gospel to the Military Community”.

If you haven’t been on an Alpha course, please consider joining us this February.  If you have been on the course, then talk to your military community friend or family member about joining us, we are using the online platform and there is plenty of room for everyone.

Watch the ‘trailer‘ then get out there and invite (virtually) your colleagues, your friends and your family, and register soon for the  MCF Alpha course. The experience will change them and you…forever

Are you ready to join us, is someone you know ready for an extraordinary life change? Here are the coordinates for the group:

Sunday, 05 February online at 7:00 pm EST 
Leading the sessions: Gerry Potter
Alpha Coordinator: Nicole

To register and for more information: Connect with us