We are the light

“You are the light of the world”. Matthew 15:14

Jesus often spoke to crowds of people, telling them of God’s desires. Not everyone in the crowd agreed with what He said, but they listened. Matthew 5 tells the story that contains the phrases we call the beatitudes, statements that speak of the types of truly blessed people. These ideas contradicted their daily experiences, where money and titles seemed to suggest a blessed life. Jesus told those present that they are a light to the world around them. Although that term is later used to describe Christians, Jesus was saying to them that people are watching what they do, and they could have an impact on those watching. 
The world around us, including families, colleagues, and neighbours, is watching you, and Jesus wants to know if you will make a difference for them. Each of us reflects church life to those watching, whether we have good days or bad. However, we can’t let that worry us because we want to show how our relationships hold us together during the good and bad times. It is a challenge to be a light to the world, but we have Jesus as our guide and the church family as our support. 
Please join us as we pray this for our Military family: 
“Heavenly Father, enable us to do Your will. Help us look outward into our community, workplaces, and families with compassion to share Jesus’ love and truth. Amen”