You will answer me

“I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer” Psalm 17:6

I could often tell when my office colleagues had something important to say to a client because their typing sounded louder. Maybe they thought hitting the keys harder would somehow translate importance to the client. They knew that how they typed did not make a difference to the message, but the appropriate wording, spelling and grammar did. They also knew whether the letter was typed in the office, at home, on a desktop, laptop, or a smartphone did not matter. What was important was why they were typing a message and what they wanted to say.   

Some people have suggested that if we pray a certain way, it will be sure to get God’s attention. Pray each morning at 4:00 AM, while kneeling on the cold floor and balancing a bible on your head. Hold lit candles in both hands, so that God will get the idea that you are serious about prayer and therefore will focus on what you are about to say. 

Does the posture we adopt influence our prayer?
Do our surroundings matter?
Does the wording matter? 
The answer to all can be NO,
          but it can also be YES. 
I enjoy the book Christian Prayer for Dummies. It does not contain vast amounts of spiritual wisdom or theological arguments concerning prayer. I like it because it simplifies prayer while also suggesting it is very personal and essential. We may have been taught to pray with our hands folded and head bowed, eyes closed while seated or kneeling. That is a great posture that can focus us while also allowing us to remain comfortable. However, it is only one of the many postures we can adopt. How we pray is linked to our personal feelings and circumstances. The circumstance may cause us to stand up where we are, raise our hands to God, and cry out to Him. Or, in our humility, cause us to lie face down before Him submitting ourselves to His will. All postures are correct, whether alone, in a group, in church, or in our car, God hears our prayer.   
God’s word tells us that it is through prayer that He hears and speaks to us. It is hard to imagine being connected to Him if we are not praying. We are designed to communicate, to live in harmony and understand one another. When we speak to our spouse, children, or friends, we connect to their needs and feelings. We do not talk the same way, at the same time, or in the same place. Our circumstances dictate our communication. The person who can get up and carry on their day without saying anything to anyone is probably very lonely and hurting. The person who can avoid speaking to God during their day is also probably very lonely and hurting. 
All of us can afford to change our prayer life, not to get God’s attention but to get God. Christmas is six weeks away, and we have probably been asked by at least one person what we want for Christmas. God wants to give us something, but if we do not talk or listen to Him, we will miss out on an incredible gift. Change your life so you can experience Him daily.