“What am I doing? What must I do?

“Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Saviour, and my hope is in you all day long” Psalm 25:4-5

The evil one is having a field day around the world. He has tempted humanity with an illusion of what we think we need and, worst, what we want. He has provoked greed and hatred in the minds of so many nations, leaders, and citizens of the world. He has used all forms of social media to confuse and anger us. He has targeted our 21st-century mindset of being right all the time to the point that conversations can’t be had without arguments amongst long-time friends, families, and even strangers. He has interfered with relationships by suggesting that you can do better with another spouse or friend. The messages that more is better, is breaking us down morally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. So, what are you doing to stop it? What are you doing to resist the temptations that have broken creation?

Satan has stirred the pot of racism to the point that we are slipping backwards. All forms of supremacism have grown out of the fear that something will be lost if society tries to change our habitual poor treatment of people of different cultures, social statuses, skin colour, and even economic status. 

Today our thoughts are centred on the invasion of Ukraine; however, evil is present on many fronts. And don’t be fooled in thinking it is Satan and demonic forces who are fighting these battles. 

 It is men and women fighting on the streets of Ukraine, contributing to the violence in Mexico, stirring unrest in Venezuela, killing neighbour in Sudan, stirring hatred in the Israel Palestine conflict, robbing your home, poisoning our youth with drugs, or promoting racist ideologies. It is men and women with free will to choose how they respond to events around them who put Satan’s plan into action, his plan to destroy humanity’s need for God. It is those created in the image to love God, love self, love others and even love nature who have fallen victim to temptations resulting in unbelief in God and belief in self.

Stop asking where God is and look inside yourself. God has requested us to be part of His mission of bringing creation back into harmony. We can change our mindset about who we are, our roles and responsibilities, and how we treat our neighbours. We choose how we respond to disagreements and desires. We can be the change needed to stop Satan’s advances in our homes and communities. 

How do we become engaged? We need to spend time with God, alone, undisturbed and with an open mind. We need to go before Him prayerless – without some preconceived prayer request or words to say but with a willingness to sit in silence and let the Holy Spirit talk for you. We need to seek answers to the questions: What am I doing? What must I do? We may not like to hear the answers but if we believe and love Jesus, with God’s help, we will accept the change we need to be. We need to declare and put our trust in God.