Unified in Prayer

It was such an incredible privilege to spend last Friday morning, Good Friday, with our military community in prayer and worship.

A small group of us met for breakfast and enjoyed powerful unity in the Spirit through our agreement in prayer. Our prayer in the MCF is fueled by our mission and vision: so we pray that every single person in our military community hear the good news of Jesus, that the lost may be saved and believers be empowered to share the gospel. To this end, our prayer group compiled a short list of specific items to pray for that morning, according to what God put on each of our hearts.

Then our prayer group continued the morning with unity in worship by attending the Ottawa military chapel for their Good Friday service. (Our group is occupying the back few pews on the right in the photo.) Each of us in the group is connected with local churches, but we have also been seeking every opportunity in the past two years to join our military community at special chapel services as well. We do more than occupy a few extra pews: we enter with the Spirit in us and the powerful and effective prayers of the saints to bless the people, the place, and the ministry done there in Jesus’ name. Of all places in the military, the enemy would like nothing more than to discourage those praising Jesus right in the midst of our military community. How many work communities have this privilege of established places and times of worship in their midst?! It was no small thing to join with our brothers and sisters there, to worship Jesus together in Spirit and in truth with eager anticipation for Easter.

The abundant life that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bought for you at Easter is a joy that no one can take from you. (John 10:10, 16:22) Be so blessed in this, dear brothers and sisters, to turn outward and also bless our military community with this amazing news.

Jazmine Lawrence
Captain (retired)
War Room Coordinator
The Military Christian Fellowship