There should be NO grey areas!


There was an interesting conversation this week in the media concerning a professional football player who tweeted “thanks for the early showing” in reference to watching the recently released movie Fifty Shades of Grey. The controversy was linked to fans chastising him for professing to be a Christ follower yet openly endorsing a movie that upholds emotional and sexual abuse. Intentionally choosing to watch the movie was seen by some as a contradiction of the beliefs and values he endorses. The world (those who are not followers) responded by suggesting “it’s just a movie” or “you think that is bad, your head would explode if you could see the rest of the team’s Internet browser histories”. Few believers cut him any slack as they suggested there is no grey area between what is appropriate and what is not.

The book and the movie have opened up some interesting conversation in the Christian community as to if Christians should or shouldn’t watch it. Some people have taken the stance that it’s “just a movie”, “no big deal”, while other suggest it has an impact on eternity. Where do we draw the line? Our pastor or a Christian brother or sister can help us draw the line and should use scripture to highlight it. In the end, each of us needs to have that conversation with God about the things we do to entertain ourselves. We are his children 24/7 and should not step back while we seek enjoyment. I suggest that one of the things that hurts and insults God is the blatant disregard for our bodies as the temples of His Holy Spirit. By walking on a grey line we tempt ourselves and we know the evil one is ready to trip us up.

God blessed us with senses and so they are ours to use. If you are uncertain about your activities and whether they would be offensive to God, speak with Him. Express your thoughts and desires and seek His guidance. Look to scripture and don’t ignore it or exploit it looking for a loophole. Seek to please God.