“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”
   Psalm 46:1

Does anyone feel troubled by what is happening in the world? Do others feel that the world seems to be slipping faster into chaos? When we went to bed last night it was very possible that our thoughts were on something senseless that happened near us or to someone in the world.  Violence, which already rules our TV and movies, is filling the hearts and minds of more and more people who respond to any perceived offense with an extreme brutal response. Sadly, there was much cruelty to reflect on before our heads hit the pillow last evening and it may have been difficult to fall asleep without being concerned for our communities.

Trouble followed us out of the Garden and Cain’s hostile response to his brother’s worship is a reaction that has played out time and time again throughout history. As society continues to use the media to trample on individual beliefs. Fanatical components of our communities who, out of misplaced loyalty to a faith, bring suffering to those who allegedly offend them. God’s message to seek Him for strength during times of trouble is the solution to the worries caused by watching the world live. Only He can protect us from the troubling evil that wants to consume us.

It is very difficult to ignore what is happening around us but there is a need to block it out for a few minutes, spend some time before God. There is a need to speak with Him at this moment and be reminded that He offers hope. There is a requirement to bring an unbeliever known to us before God and ask that His saving grace reigns in that person so that they are not overtaken by the evil that is all around us. It is also the time to pray for our circle of believing friends asking God to remind them that He is their refuge and hope.