That doesn’t make sense

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A student is upset at their marks so they shoot the teacher.  A child makes a mistake that almost cost him his life and many want to see his family further punished. Athletes, musicians and movie stars hide their money in off shore accounts to reduce the taxes they pay and when the news reports the issue, their fans who are adversely affected by the underfunded community infrastructures, rally behind them.  Individuals want punishment handed out to those who disagree with their viewpoint and politicians seem to agree.  People are fighting with each other for what they believe matters but, when push comes to shove, the actual fighting seems to matter more. Nothing seems to make sense, as morality, decency and fairness are becoming characteristics of past generations.
The Gospel of John records that as the time drew closer for Jesus’ crucifixion He spoke with followers about how the world will react to His teachings.  Many were expecting Jesus to overthrow the establishment because not much seemed to make sense to them at that time. However, God’s plans were about eternity and not just a few moments in time.  Jesus says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33-34.  Jesus reminded His followers that in the days ahead they must seek comfort in God and not worry about the world. He shared He has overcome the world and it senselessness and in His timing, all will be set right again.  The world will one day again function according to His word.
We can’t ignore what is happening in the world.  As it seems to make less and less sense followers need to ensure they remain focused on the bigger picture.  As we are challenged to accept a world view we must be careful and remember:
  1. God’s promises are eternity focused. His plans and desires do not change. And as change happens around us, we must be careful not to compromise our stand in the hope of making our daily lives more comfortable.  After all, we don’t want to be judged along side the world that ignores God’s eternal desire for all of His creation.
  2. Not to give our own wisdom and understanding more credibility that we should.  When we step back from seeking God’s wisdom, we may apply the bias flawed worldview to our lives.
  3. The amount of faith we have is not linked to whether we receive blessings or feel we are being punished.  God is the Creator of all and is a benevolent, redeeming and reconciling power beyond any logical explanation.  He blesses because He chooses to bless not because we choose to behave.
  4. To trust in God’s power and His character.  Many may acknowledge Him as the author of all creation but question His character when comparing our viewpoint to His. God never changes and therefore neither does His view of sin.  The world changes and as it does it tries to change God’s character to suit their viewpoint.
Changes are happening around us that do not seem to make sense.  Christians try to share morality and decency using God’s word to support their stand.  Their viewpoint is at odds with the worlds and they are chastised.  They are often rebuked because of the how they share God’s word.  Instead of approaching people with open arms, many go with pointing fingers accusing all they encounter of sinful behaviour.  We are entitled to an opinion and we can recognize injustice. However we must remain focused on what makes sense to God and not get lost in trying to make sense of the world.