Tell your story.   

We love to talk about the weather, sports, our kids, or politics. But when discussing our faith, many of us cower like chickens running away from the Colonel. If we know Jesus, we have GOOD NEWS! It’s like a life ring thrown to the person drowning or a fire alarm to rouse the sleeping from a burning building! 

Some people seem to think that a life-witness is good enough; that is, quietly living your life of devotion to Christ before others. It is NOT enough. People need to hear what Jesus means to us, so we need to share our testimony. 

Here are a few tips on how to share: 

Practice – Work out what you will say so you aren’t ever caught off guard. Have a long and short version for different situations.

Pray – Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and work in the person you share with.

Personal – Give enough details to help them understand where and why.

Be yourself – Don’t try to be more “spiritual” than you are. Just tell your story.

Understandable – Don’t use “churchy” words. Say “Bible” instead of “the Word.”

Witness – A witness tells what they saw, heard, or experienced. You are simply telling your story of how you met Jesus. Relive your experience through words.

Transformed Life – Talk about your life before Christ, how you came to Christ, and the change in your life since being saved.

Evangelize – Take it from telling your story to asking if something like that has ever happened to them. Explain how they can be saved.

God wants us to tell His story through our experiences. If we ask him, he will prepare someone to hear our story. He will not set us up to fail but will be with us. The Good News is not meant to be kept secret, and many around us need to be thrown that life-saving truth found in the Good News. 

YouTube has several versions of the song: “I love to tell the story.” Take a few minutes today and play one, such as “Chris Rupp’s A Cappella” and then pray that God helps you tell His story.