How should Christians in the CAF respond to and influence the cultural change that is reaching every aspect of our institution?

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, join the discussion led by panel members who have, like all of us, found themselves facing the inevitable tension between recent cultural change initiatives and their faith in Jesus Christ.

Can we serve without compromising our faith? Can we truly love our non-Christian comrades? Is there still a place for Christians in the CAF?

There are no easy answers, but as Christians we know that where we need to look is to God and his word, as a community. This discussion will provide a chance to listen and ask questions as we all seek to serve faithfully.

To make the discussion available across the country, there will be 2 sessions on 6 Feb, the first from 1900-2030 EST followed by 1900-2030 MST. Feel free to join whichever one works best with your schedule.

The panel will be hosted by the Military Christian Fellowship and open to all members of the military Christian community who are asking these kinds of questions. It will be live on Discord.

Please contact the event coordinator, Andrew Haves through the MCF office for more information and to receive the link to Discord.