Struggling to pray?

Last week I struggled to utter prayers about our children. I had many thoughts bouncing around in my head but somehow could not put them into words. I found it distressing and felt like my lips were being held close. But I was reminded of Romans 8:26, which tells me even when I don’t know or can’t articulate what is in my heart, the Holy Spirit intercedes on my behalf. It doesn’t mean I can stop saying prayers, but it is good to know when we struggle, the Holy Spirit is with us, even talking on our behalf.
My thoughts were linked to school graduations occurring across this country. I had grandchildren, nieces and nephews who reached the next step in their life. Some graduated college, high school, middle school and even kindergarten. I was pleased for them, but my heart was burdened because of the world they were entering, a world that pushed them to ignore thoughts about the image they were created in and pursue an identity based on sexuality, materialism, and self-gratification. It punishes them for not buying into the idea that they were created male or female and yells they will only be accepted if they identify as something else. They are being taught that if they disagree and have an opinion that differs from others, they must remain quiet or feel the wrath of those who will try to destroy their life and lively hood. Suicide amongst young people is on the rise because of the confusion and anxieties they face. Sadly, those who are confused and struggle with all the changes in the world are judged by a community that allegedly pursues the love of God and neighbour.  

Parents, grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and neighbours, pray for our children and love them. Here is a guide to praying for our children. Print it off and place it in your bible or stick it to your refrigerator or where you seek solitude with God. Continually bring them before God.