An author once wrote that the struggle to draw closer to God involves moving from absurd living to obedient listening. The root of the word absurd contains sardus, which means deaf. Absurd living suggests we choose to remain deaf to the inner voice of God that is calling us to Him. The busyness of our own little world drowns out that voice and we do not hear the comforting, guiding, encouraging and sometimes convicting word from God. Because we are not listening, we often speculate what God is asking of us. We often react to the voices of others and take direction from them without corroboration or confirmation with the voice that wants to speak to each of us individually. Sometimes we think we are doing as God desires but do we listen to Him, do we ask Him what He wants from us, as a child unique to Him, with a specific purpose based on the way He designed us.

There are people such as our priests, pastors and even brothers and sisters who can lead us towards God. They are able to point the group in the right direction and offer guidance as to how we can stay the course. However, we are unique to God as individuals and as we move towards Him, there are things He has for us, lives He wants us to touch, personal growth to be had and He wants to tell us about it.  It is not that often we hear someone state a revelation from God that we ourselves accept. We use scripture and spiritual leaders to guide us but are cautious when someone appears to make a claim from God. God does want to offer individual claims to us but we have to be personally involved in the listening aspect.    

 In the very near future the MCF is going to facilitate a study on spiritual development centering on prayer. Prayer is key to hearing from God. Prayer can involve crying out to Him, having conversations with Him, and contemplating Him. There also must be times when prayer involves being quiet and listening for Him. It is not a simple thing to do or even recognize and does require intentionality on our part. However, there must be a time when we chose to be alone with God and listen.

If quiet listening prayer is already your habit, then you must encourage others to get into a similar habit. If this is new to you, then you need to pause right now as ask God to help you hear Him. It is hoped that a changed prayer life will move each of us in a direction closer to God.