Removing our fig leafs


MCF - ANTON - 2015-05-15.May (1)

Covering up our true nature started long ago in the Garden with Adam and Eve as read in Genesis 3:7. During their early days they seemed content with being made in the image of God however Satan told them that they could be part of a change that would affect their outlook on life. They chose change over obedience and accepted the lie that the only consequence to eating the forbidden fruit would be knowledge of good and evil. In fact, their first reaction to newly opened eyes was to cover up the image of God by putting fig leaves on themselves. Vanity overtook them and they tried to hide who they were and become who they wanted the world to see.

Many Christians have been accustomed to wearing different faces based on their circumstances. Some have one for church, one for family, one for work and one for friends. This multiple personality game is also played by non-believers, who have become chameleons displaying an image that seems acceptable to their surroundings. The cosmetic industry has capitalized on our vanity and their constant message to change our outward appearance has had a caustic affect on the self-image of both men and women. However, adding the fashion and self help gurus to this mix seems even crueler. They all insinuate that looking and feeling good is all that matters and that in addition to our outward appearance we should strive to change our characteristics or personality traits so as to get along with others in this world. The goal is to be different from who you are or who you were made to be. Change is not wrong, nor is improving ourselves. We should strive to sharpen and use the skills and talents God gave us after all, He did not create us to be dull, but to be a light to the world. This is why we need to know where to draw the line.

When an individual chooses to become a follower of Christ, they become a new creation. Deep down inside they know that implants, nice cars and good jobs does not define who they are but somehow they cannot stop putting on figs leafs and camouflaging the image of God. Jesus said that we will have troubles in this world and we are to take heart as He has overcome the world. Believers are not suppose to be afraid to admit their troubles, but should take comfort in knowing God is with them as they go through them. Our greatest witness to those we wish to share the Good News is to be the same person no matter what the circumstances; the human being created in the image of God who relies on Him for His strength and support.

Read scripture, pray and stop trying to change yourself to be the person that you think God wants. Let Him change you to become the person He needs you to be in order to do the good works He wants you to do.