Praying for Chaplains in March.

On the evening before Jesus was to be crucified, he prayed for those He called to be disciples as well as those who would be disciples in the future and come to believe in Him. He knew what was about to happen to Him later that evening but His priority was to pray for those who would minister and those would be ministered to. He sets the expectation that prayers should be offered for those who have been called to spread His truth and our own concerns and daily issues should maybe take a backseat for a few moments so we can talk to God about those who are spreading His word.

This month we will carry on praying for our chaplains and for the communities they serve. We will pray that they are encouraged to do God’s work and that the enemy is not allowed to interfere with or destroy their efforts. We also pray for those who need to hear the gospel; the military men, women and their families who are serving this country. The Calendar highlights the location we pray about each day while our FACEBOOK page identifies chaplains by name that need our prayers. 

Please take time each day to bring our chaplains before God’s throne asking that He bless their ministries and prepare the way for their work to be done.