Praying as you walk/run

Article by:  Jazmine Lawrence

Early in my military career, I sat beside an engaging chaplain at a mess dinner. He was incredibly enthusiastic about Jesus and told me about praying when he went running. I tried it, and it felt impossible. I was so distracted. But I wasn’t much good at focusing in prayer at all back then. I remembered the idea often, though.

There was a period of several years in which I couldn’t even walk much—let alone run—due to fibromyalgia and associated issues. I became very sick and left the military altogether. After experiencing miraculous physical and emotional healing, I discovered with joy that I could go out walking again! But God was reshaping the purpose of my physical activity.

God put it on my heart last year to participate in the Ottawa Army Run in September as a prayer walk for the military community. As I prepared in the preceding months, God led me to a passage of Scripture to pray over myself and the military community while walking. Every time I prayed it out loud, my pace quickened and muscle fatigue from the lingering fibromyalgia melted away. Every time. Without fail. I was praying through Psalm 91: “You will not fear…” God’s Word was having a physical effect on my body and mind. You can imagine how my desire to pray and meditate on God’s Word while walking dramatically increased! And suddenly, I was focused, not by my effort but by God’s work.

The military community needs Jesus, and needs the prayers of the saints that are “powerful and effective” (James 5:16, NIV). God did not call me to start praying for the military community when I best knew how to pray, but rather when I had no idea what and how to pray. He opened my eyes to see how desperately our community needs Jesus, and then he empowered the prayer.

There are many more of you whose eyes God has opened to this need and who He is empowering in prayer. Join us. Join us in Ottawa for the Army Run in September to do the 10km as a prayer walk for the military community (email the MCF office) for details. Join us in intercessory prayer with the Shield. And join us in Ottawa in November at our Remembrance Day retreat to train to pray for the military community (details forthcoming).

Join us.

Jazmine Lawrence
Captain (Retired)
War Room-Ottawa Coordinator