Prayer/study group – Gagetown

Good Morning all!!MCF - SMALL GROUP - ANDREW - FORM SQUARE - 2016-03-23 at 11.34.33 AM

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend with your family or maybe with some friends. Most of all, in the company of your Lord and saviour Jesus Christ…
So this Thursday we move right into chapter 4. I suspect this to be a hard one. In our lives, we often live according to the world and not of Gods will. We pray often for things only to benefit ourselves, not others, when we should be praying for Gods will. James is very blunt in this chapter. He warns us of our pride, boasting and judging.
I think this chapter is a good one for all of us to read over a few times to really understand what James is saying, I will not pretend to think I know exactly what this chapter says to me personally but I am sure some of my sins may lay within it.
I can’t wait to see you on Thursday to talk about this chapter and maybe we can work on this one a bit more… I think we’ll need to; for this is a big chapter for today’s way of life.

Please pray…
Dear Lord, help me to see my sinful ways. Please help me to understand the words that James says to me. Show me through the Holy Spirit how to correct myself. My God, I don’t want to laugh at sin but I reach out to you in repentance; for you, my Lord, are the only one that can forgive me and lead me back into the joy of your love. I pray for this strength against my weakness in your son’s name Christ Jesus …AMEN!

Blessing All!
Have a Great Day!
Keep your head up! GOD gives his hardest battles to his strongest SOLDIERS…
So as we go through our day let us go out to help and to care for all that need it, in Jesus’ name…Amen!
Jimmy ;o)