Prayer is a relationship between God and us. Theopan the Recluse, a Russian spiritual formation advocate, wrote “to pray is to descend with the mind into the heart, and there stand before the face of the Lord”. Prayer practices provide different opportunities for us to apply our heart to our relationship.

Our relationship with God is not meant to be a repetitive routine.  If we engage God the same way all the time our interaction has the potential of becoming an act of obedience and not one motivated by love.  The following practices have been taken from the suggested prayer practices of men and women who have sought a deeper relationship with God.   A primary source has been Calhoun’s Spiritual Disciplines Handbook. Many practices may be new to readers.   We should be willing to try something different, and to give the practice a chance; we should do it several times.  If necessary modify the practice to suite your needs.

Each practice is presented in the same format:

  • Thoughts about the practice;
  • The desire that motivates us to perform the practice;
  • A definition of the practice;
  • Supportive scriptural reference(s) (unless identified NASB translation is used);
  • Ways to experience the practice; and
  • The God-given fruit from the practice.

Along with each prayer style are suggested spiritual exercises that help you practice the prayer.  You may do one or all of the exercises.

The ancient Jews believed that prayer began with an intentional awareness of God’s presence.  Adopt an appropriate posture of prayer (examples are found in article “Tip – Postures for prayers) and be prepared to be transformed.  The desire of prayer is to connect with God and so keep that in mind, always, when you pray.

All prayer practices are included below.  Ready to download and print.

  1. Breath prayer
  2. Centering prayer
  3. Contemplative prayer
  4. Conversational prayer
  5. Fixed hour prayer
  6. Inner healing prayer
  7. Intercessory prayer
  8. Prayer walking
  9. Labyrinth prayer
  10. Liturgical prayer
  11. Prayer partners
  12. Praying with scripture