Pray for the Afghan people and their country

Last week I asked you to join with me in prayer for the Afghan people who were trying to escape the oppression that had fallen on their country and the efforts of Canada to assist them in their struggle. We prayed for wisdom and we prayed for effectiveness in the mission. Members of the Canadian Armed Forces deployed and worked along side allies as together they tried to help many Canadians and refugees gain access to flights out of Kabul. The work was dangerous and exceedingly heartbreaking. I am sure that you have seen some of the images of the thousands of fear-filled people desperately trying to escape. Even as I write this call to prayer, an attack upon the innocents has taken place, carried out by those whose sole intent is evil. 
On Thursday, 26 Aug, the CAF mission was concluded due to the increasing threat of terror attacks which had already begun. Our military men and women have left and they returned knowing that the need was grave, but they were unable to help anymore. Our military men and women need our prayers for their mental and spiritual well-being. The images they have witnessed, and the inability to do more will haunt them.
There are still thousands of Afghans and Canadian citizens still trapped under the oppression of the Taliban, we need to pray for them. God can do immeasurably more that all we hope or imagine, so let us not be idle, let us pray with sincerity and faith that He will move. 
Please, for the love of God and those who are so filled with fear and anguish, pray. I beg you, pray.
Gerry Potter (Colonel Retired)