Petawawa Church Plant

The MCF is partnering with a new church plant in Petawawa.  Several months ago the MCF President, Gerry Potter, met with Pastor Tim Roddick and his team to learn about Tim’s vision to plant a church in Petawawa.  Of the cultural groups in the Petawawa area, the military community is the largest and it is Tim’s and his team’s desire to bring Jesus to them.  The MCF is excited at the potential for seeing lives changed through the ministry of Tim and his team.   They hosted prayer nights on 25 May, 29 June, 27 July and 31 August in preparation for planting the new church.   Praise God for continued support in prayer.

Here are some news from Tim and Stephanie Roddick.

Another month has passed, and we’re another month closer to the launch of weekly worship services in Petawawa!  Actually… we’re no longer talking months… now, we’re talking days… 29 days to be exact!

Attached is a copy of the most recent Petawawa Newsletter #6; however, we expect much to happen in the weeks ahead, and have additionally created a ‘blog’ where we will regularly post articles and announcements in the weeks ahead. We’ve already added a bunch of content, so please check it out when you have a moment… Trailheadbaptist

Tim and Stephanie Roddick

Trailhead Baptist Church