Padre (Capt) Andrew Whitman (Executive)

I live together with my wonderful wife, our two daughters and now our second foster baby. She’s the strength behind my uniform and ministry with a heart for relational women’s ministry.

I have served in the CAF for 17 years as an artillery officer, including one battle group tour in Kandahar, Afghanistan. I have recently switched to become a chaplain, and am currently serving in 5 CDSB Gagetown in that role. The Lord opened my heart at age 7 and I committed my life to him and was baptized. I always wanted to be an ‘army man’, and even at 16, I prayed to God to bless my army cadet corps and make it a ministry.

I became involved with the MCF at Royal Military College, where we developed a small group ministry with 5-6 groups at a time. During this time I was convicted while reading Eszekiel 33 that God appointed us to be watchmen for the military community. So, I sought to be a gospel trumpet by serving the artillery well – my commanders, my troops, and my peers – so as to honour Christ, and to be transparent with what I believe. It was only much later that chaplaincy entered my mind. As chaplain, my desire is to empower many to be watchmen for our people.