Outcry in my city


There is an outcry in my city over a group of males who posted inappropriate remarks on a FACEBOOK site about their female colleagues.  These were educated men who seem to have made immature and out of place sexual references to their class mates. Their comments were wrong and many feel their conduct needs to be addressed so as to maintain an acceptable behavioural standard to ensure no further postings occur.  The school has a process of restorative justice which suggests reconciliation as part of the final solution. However that does not seem acceptable to all as many want these men thrown out of school, banned from entering their profession and possibly dragged through the streets while we all point fingers. Those condemning these men do so with a tainted world view of right and wrong and as such revenge vice justice could occur.

Jesus spoke of loving one another and although He did not directly say it, He suggested that the world would not accept those who promoted this idea, especially in the name of God. He suggested that the world’s moral and ethical behaviour is guided by it own self serving standard. In chapter 15 of the book of John, He tells his followers that the world would hate them because it hated him and his ideas about justice, respect, love and seeking God’s morals and ethics.

What is the crime of these men? Are they guilty because they appear to be chauvinistic or because they were FACEBOOKING as their university and society as a whole taught them. A school and society which plays music that suggests women are no more than “big booty” sex objects. A society that suggests to women that, instead of seeking a profession such as dentistry (the one at the center of this issue), they should consider prostitution as respectable career choice. People want to drag these men across the campus, however if they were to put their disrespectful words to music and sang them at a school rally, would they be in as much trouble?

Do you seek God’s wisdom when considering a response to an issue such as abortion, bullying, homosexuality? Jesus says those who believe are different from the world and so we have to be careful when considering its corrupted viewpoint. We must be careful to not get caught letting our emotions or desires guide our hearts. There are many good things happening in our communities that we need to stand behind however, as Proverbs 18:2 shares, “fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions”. We need to be careful when we weigh in on societies controversies but that does not mean we avoid them. These matters are not trivial to God and He takes pleasure when we seek His direction. We need not silence ourselves especially when social injustice occurs. However consider praying before you get involved. Trust God to guide you and seek fairness not retribution.