Ongoing themes we are praying for.

  1. That the Lord would raise an army of intercessors that will stand in the gap for the Canadian Forces. We desire to have 24-7 prayer covering over our troops. Lord open, the eyes of the nation!
  2. Putting Bibles in the hands of soldiers. PRAISE!, the Bibles are being distributed in Afghanistan and they are being read by the soldiers.
  3. Revival in the bases across the nation, from Sea to Sea and to the ends of the earth. Pray also for connections with local prayer leaders.
  4. The salvation and the protection of the men and women serving abroad, and for their families that remain in Canada. Pray for miraculous deliverance during combat! Pray Psalm 91 and 121!
  5. For the protection of families after deployment. Pray for healing of the families after deployment. This includes parents, spouses and children. These are people who have lost loved ones, or whose loved ones returned injured. Some of these injuries are spiritual, mental, and unseen, these linger and can fester for years. Pray that those injured spiritually will have the strength to come forward and seek help. Pray for the marriages of those returning, for their healthy re-establishment.
  6. The recruitment of chaplains. Pray that the Lord will call men and women of conviction to step forward. Pray that Canadian churches will come to see the Canadian Forces as a mission field. Imagine what the military could be if our soldiers would know Jesus!
  7. Continue to pray for the chaplains that are currently deployed.
  8. Pray that our chaplains will be able to use this opportunity to bring our soldiers to make a choice for salvation.
  9. Pray that the soldiers’ turning to the Lord will NOT fade once our soldiers return to their safe and comfortable world at home.
  10. Pray they will be touched by God, to be like John the Baptist within the military. With this we mean that they will “prepare the way for the Lord”, that they will move in the power of true faith in Christ.
  11. Pray that they will bring this faith home as the seeds for true revival in the Canadian Forces.
  12. Pray that our soldiers will be able to use this newfound faith as a basis upon which to re-establish their marriages, and their families.
  13. Pray for prayer groups to start on each base, for the chosen people to have a vision from God, for their stepping out.
  14. We receive many requests of mothers asking for prayer for their sons and daughters preparing for deployment or deployed. Lift them up in prayer!
  15. Pray for the spread of the Gospel in the military community around the Globe.