Offering prayer in November

As we continue with the theme of prayers, we ask that you join us and start the month of November by offering prayers as a Christian community seeking God’s grace and blessing on the military community.   Below are a few items to remember in prayer.  
The November Edition of the Shield also provides you with daily prayers. Please take time each day to pray His will be done. 

Let us remember:

1. As we remember those who fought for our freedom, pray that God reveals Himself to those in our military family who do not know Jesus so that they may be freed from the bondage of sin that seeks to destroy their eternal freedom. 

2. Remember those who struggle with injuries, both physical and psychological, caused by their involvement in conflict while serving their country. We pray for their healing and ask God to remove their distress.  
3. Remember the families of our military brothers and sisters who gave their lives in the line of duty. We ask the Holy Spirit to bring them peace. 
4. Remember those serving worldwide today who are exposed to all kinds of risks that interfere with their physical and mental well-being. Pray their relationships are not strained by this separation 

5. Pray for the Association of Military Christian Fellowships as they seek to bring the gospel to military communities worldwide. 

6. Pray for the ministry of the MCF in this upcoming year as we desire to make a difference in our military community. Pray for our finances, asking that our needs are met. Pray for our programs that they may be developed and made available. Pray that God brings us more workers so we can have an MCF presence on every military base or station wherever our military serves.  
“Heavenly Father, we commend to you the safekeeping of our brothers and sisters who serve the world for peace and harmony. We ask that You reveal yourself to them so that they may know your desires for them. Let them sense You wherever they are. Holy Spirit, give them strength to guard their souls. Protect them from the evil who wants to turn them from the truth. Be with them in their trials and temptations. We ask this in Jesus’ precious name. AMEN”