Ministry Update – June 2015

On behalf of the Military Christian Fellowship of Canada I thank you for your prayers and support.  As a non-profit organization of Christ-followers we are dependent on the generosity of individuals who believe in the value of the mission that we pursue: “Bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Canadian Military Community at home and abroad.”  I am inspired by you.  I would like to share with you some of the progress we are making. In support of advancing our mission and in view of the need to reach all members of the military community several initiatives needed to be undertaken

  • In March we developed a new “Ministry Concept Paper,” which is designed to succinctly state what the MCF seeks to accomplish.  Upon completion of the final draft I presented the concept to representatives of the Canadian Armed Forces chaplaincy, denominational leaders and church pastors.  The response I received was encouraging as all were supportive and saw true value in what the MCF could provide to the Canadian Church.
  • As a follow-on to the refined Ministry Concept, in April we conducted a “Branding” working group facilitated by Robin Vanderklute, an independent change management consultant based in Ottawa.  Providing her services pro bono, Robin facilitated the working group’s efforts over a four-week period, which resulted in an MCF brand refresh.  The MCF promises to “train and equip the Christian military community to proactively live out their faith and empower them to share the good news of Jesus Christ within the military community.   It will operate as a bridge between the Church and the military community to resource and serve both cultures.  It will network the Christian military community across Canada.”  The value that the MCF brings to its stakeholders is threefold: 
    • The MCF provides Christian training and equipping which is uniquely adapted by the military community for the military community.
    • The MCF connects the Christian military community from coast to coast to coast.
    • The MCF is a trusted resource for chaplains and local pastors that enables churches to reach the military community for Christ.
  • In May we launched our new website.  We were in need of an overhaul, the old site was rather antiquated, was exceedingly difficult to update and it had been the target of repeated malicious attacks.  Initially, when we researched updating the site we were given quotes of between $6000 – $8000. However, earlier this year, we were contacted by Mark Warren of Warren BTI who offered to work with the MCF to produce a new site.  The cost was $1200.  Please take a look at our new site and let us know what you think. 
  • Also in May we have entered into a supportive partnership with a new church-plant taking place in Petawawa under the leadership of Pastor Tim Roddick.  Under the oversight and with the support of his denomination Tim has built a team of church planters, who will be opening an evangelical church within the Petawawa area later this year.  I have met with Tim and his team and we are of one mind as to the need to bring the gospel to the Canadian military community.  The MCF representative for Petawawa, Josh DeGraff, is also a member of church planting team, which places the MCF in the middle of this initiative. 

As you can see we are making progress.  There are many more objectives that need to be achieved and we are pursuing them.  Please take time to view the new website; it will be one of our primary means of keeping all our stakeholders apprised of developments.  Please know that your investment in the MCF is achieving results.