Making sense of God’s Word

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-6-45-15-amHave you ever attempted a mathematical logic problem or do you avoid them because they never seem to make sense to you? For example, what do you believe is the response to the following problem: You have 4 pencils and a friend has 7 apples. You are on a train going towards Ottawa racing at 130 KM and have been told you will arrive Friday. How many pancakes can you fit on your roof? The answer: Purple – because fish don’t wear hats.
Most math logic problems can be solved; however they require that we use a solving methodology different from the one we apply to everyday problems, such as calculating sales tax. Often with logic problem there is no formula to apply; lateral thinking, looking from outside the box, is necessary. With training, guidance and perseverance, we can solve logic problems; however, the reality is that not everyone can solve or even understand every problem. Realizing we may not be able to know the answer to all problems can be very humbling, but should never stop someone seeking to know more or apply what we have been taught.
Scripture shares that many people will not understand God’s plan for humanity. Despite intensive analytical effort they will remain blind unless, as God states, they turn over their quest to Him. People will not understand God’s intent if they have not released themselves to God’s will. This is a significant point to grasp especially as many struggle to understand why family and friends do not seem to understand why they are told they must seek to be Disciples of Christ. They are spiritually blind and no amount of intellectual or emotional arguments will lead them to the truth. We must not stop praying for them or sharing our understanding as God may choose to use our efforts to intervene and allow them to hear and understand the truth.
The response “Purple – because fish don’t wear hats” makes no sense at all. Should that stop us from attempting to understand other logic problems? The reality is that there are statements in scripture and parts of our relationship with God that we may never understand until we are in heaven. However, for those who have sought Christ as Saviour, it is very possible to understand and apply much of what we read in the bible; much more than we may even think possible.
Do you avoid certain passages of scripture because they never seem to make sense to you? Is your prayer life limited to a few mumblings because you don’t know what God expects of you? Would you like to learn more about understanding God? During the upcoming Remembrance Weekend, the MCF will host a spiritual retreat in Ottawa. The aim is to unite our hearts as a community while providing some guidance as to how we can grow closer to God. We want all to know Jesus as saviour and understand how the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son are part of the answers we are seeking. Scripture is not meant to confuse us but it can’t be properly appreciated with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and Christian fellowship. Consider joining us on this journey of understanding God’s truth so that your purpose makes more sense to you.