Love the Lost

Timothy 1:15 – “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptations, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.”

Christmas is just around the corner, and many are running around. To some people, Christmas means gift-giving and receiving. To others, Christmas means children’s plays and pageants. And to others, Christmas means family activities—decorating the Christmas tree together, family get-togethers, and wonderful meals with relatives. Sadly, for many people, Christmas is not all joy and peace on earth! Unfortunately, for too many, Christmas means overindulgence, drunkenness, debt, and even family anxiety, sin and immorality.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” Luke 19:10

I woke up very earlier this morning with a feeling of sadness hanging over me. Not sure what was causing this, but I felt compelled to go to my computer and read news headlines. “Mother say she is sorry for throwing her three newborns in the garbage”, “Fifteen year old killed in parking lot shootout”, “Mein Kauff top seller in Canadian iTunes store” and it went on. I then looked at several major newspapers from around the world and struggled to find a positive headline. Staring at my computer screen I tried to make sense of what I was reading and why I was awoken and then it hit me, I was reading a prayer list. I was looking at stories and images of people who need Jesus. I was looking at the lost. 

We can feel overwhelmed with what is going on around us and especially if we rely on the media to give us an impression of our neighbours. We can become hard and we can easily find negativity, but we mustn’t be afraid. Instead of shying away from the headline that speaks of terrorism, increased drug use, car bombing or turning our head the other way when passing a beggar on the street corner or turning up our eyes when we hear someone’s family troubles, we can take these things to prayer and offer them to God. 

The best we can do for a stranger is to pray asking God to intervene in their lives. When you are out and about today, do what Jesus did – leave a place of comfort and look for those who need comforting. Listen to what is being said. Offer a hand, a hug or a prayer.