Lost people matter

MCF - ANTON - 2015-11-06 (1)

What does it mean to be created ‘in the image of God’?  It is a physical resemblance or is it more?  Scripture portrays God as sad, hurt, angry or joyful at times – the same range of emotions that we experience.  The bible shares God has intellect, emotions and will and if you observe those around you, we can see that people have the same.  The basic characteristics of people seem to derive from similar characteristics of God.  We have the capacities of intellect, emotion and will because God has them and we are made in his image.  We have the ability to see the world as He does and care for those who are lost without Him.

What else about us should reflect His image?  The Trinity exists in harmonious relationship and even though it is a static relationship, one that does not grow, improve or decline, it is the image of relationship that He desires of His creation.  Life in the garden modeled the first ideal relationship but that was corrupted by sin, and so now self-interest, bias and emotions interfere with achieving the harmony God desires.  That however does not mean it is impossible to live in harmonious Christian community.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in his book Life Together, said “the physical presence of other Christians is a source of incomparable joy and strength to the believer.”  The desire of the MCF is to revel and grow in that joy.  We not only seek to offer Christian camaraderie to our brothers and sister who has chosen to follow Jesus, but also to the military men, women and their families who have not yet been introduced or chosen to be His follower.

How can we help each other?  Firstly, we know our membership comes from all across Canada and has many international followers.  Members are located on or near military establishments. Many may presently hold their own bible studies or prayer gatherings that reach out to the military community; we want to know about them and share.  We have two wonderful communication tools (a MCF FACEBOOK pages as well as a MCF WEB page) that are accessible to the world and can share information about your gathering times and locations.  If you do not intentionally seek to reach out to the military community, consider doing so.  It is through relationships that we grow to the image God intended.  Secondly, consider how you can connect with those in our military family who do not know of Jesus’ hope.  Talk with your church or small group and consider hosting a Military ALPHA event or something similar so as to introduce them to God.

There are many things we can do and this letter is meant to stir up your brains cells to think about your stance on the lost.  If you have a group that meets near a military community, connect with our office so we can discuss sharing your details.  Use FACEBOOK to post your activities. If you have any thoughts on ways to connect to our lost brothers and sisters and their families, share them with us so we can share with others.  Lastly, pray and consider whether you can play a role with the MCF to facilitate prayer or study groups and then let us know where God wants to use you.  

Each morning when we awaken our thoughts should be the same as God’s and that is lost people matter.