Look what I can do!

MCF - ANTON - 2015-09-25 (1)

In the late 1990’s a comedy show introduced an attention seeking man-child character named Stuart who always seemed to be bumping heads with adults.  His overprotective mother’s love blinded her to his acts of disobedience or outright inappropriate behaviour.  However, when caught or confronted with improper conduct, Stuart would pause, the scene would go quite, and he would shout “look what I can do.”  This was followed by some gesture aimed at distracting everyone.  What is our response to being confronted when a misdeed or act of disobedience is revealed?  Do we try to misdirect attention away from us and place it on something or someone else?  Do we offer an excuse?  If we follow either of those paths we could cause a distraction but we would only be fooling ourselves and our human companions.

When we fail God will always catch us because nothing is hidden from Him. Yet, in these situations, we often fear the reaction of our friends and not that of God.  Their scorn or anger can only last a limited time yet God’s disappointment could last an eternity.  God understands we are prone to temptation and have exploitable weaknesses.  When we fail He shouts to us “Look what I can do” and offers forgiveness when we repent, mercy when we fall prey and grace to overcome the pull of the evil one.  He doesn’t want us to try to distract Him or even ourselves from our sinful nature by resting on our good deeds, acts of discipleship or attempts at loving Him.  He wants us to come to Him, in all circumstances and accept His mercy and grace so that we will be His man/woman-child.

We should not fear getting caught by God but should rejoice that He is there to catch us.  His love for us in not blind to the struggles we face and He will not turn from us.  His spirit will guide and strengthen us and His truth will direct and save us, but only if we desire.  He offers the same to our family and friends, if they desire.  He offers the same to our military brothers and sisters who are serving abroad or at home, are resting in retirement, or are suffering from physical or physiological injuries, but only if they desire. Instead of trying to hide from, ignore or be broken by our weaknesses, God offers mercy, grace and hope to those who desire.  

Will you pray and desire God’s grace and mercy and ask that His Spirit help you realize what that means?  Will you pray on behalf of someone who does not know God’s offer and ask God to use you or someone else to share that truth about what He wants to do?  Will you shout “look what God can do” for the lost, the broken and even the saved?