Listen, Trust and Obey

Do you recall the story of Elijah, who spoke for God, raised a young boy from the dead and called fire down from heaven? During his time, he was the voice of God, telling those around him to repent and seek God. He knew God’s power firsthand, yet he is found hiding in a cave at one point in his story. He had been a part of some incredible displays of God’s power, but he hid in a cave when Jezebel threatened his life. Although he had been involved in many dramatic miracles, he wanted to tell God he had had enough. He was ready to throw in the towel. He expressed concern that he alone was working for God’s kingdom, and that seemed a task too big for him. When you read Elijah’s story, you could become dispirited, wondering what chance we have in this spiritual battle if someone like Elijah felt the desire to give up. 

God spoke to Elijah, who was hiding in a cave, afraid and self-focused, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” Elijah, who has witnessed God in action, moans about his situation. God tells him to go outside because He will make His presence known, and Elijah leaves the cave. God shows off His power with windstorms, crashing rocks, earthquakes, lightning flashes and fire. All this happens before Elijah’s eyes, but he cannot see God and goes back into the cave. As Elijah huddles in the corner, he hears a whisper, and God asks him again, “What are you doing here?”  God, who had been with Elijah for a long time, seemed to have slipped from Elijah’s mind. He feared a woman who threatened Him, not the God who called Him. When Elijah is thinking, “why bother?” God reminds him that he has a purpose linked to serving Him.

Unfortunately, many have similar cave moments when they feel discouraged. Sometimes we have days when we enter the world, look around at the people or things we have prayed about and see no change.  We are devout in our prayer and worship practices and yet feel inadequate. We may question our usefulness and ask ourselves, “why bother.” 

Elijah’s story reminds us that we are never alone and that although we may not comprehend God’s plan, we have been invited to play a role in it. We are on a mission with God and are invited to be the Light in this dark world. He is at work in us and in the world, so rejoice. Get up, listen, trust, and obey God whether you see results or not.