Keith’s Perspective on the Book of John

The writer
Keith Magee

Some time ago I met Keith Magee, a former member of the Royal Canadian Navy. Keith served in the Navy as a “Rating” (radio communications) from 1965 to 1970. After his service Keith went on to study mechanical engineering and to get married. A few years later Keith became the youngest teacher at the BC Institute of Technology. Keith was responsible for preparing students in overland conveyor design intended for the Tumbler Ridge coal mines. At that time, both the department head and a fellow instructor were Christians. These two individuals would openly share Christ with Keith, and within a few months Keith brought a Bible to his office and started reading it in his off-hours. Bill (Department Head) and Gary (fellow instructor) always seemed to be close at hand to answer Keith’s questions. Within four months (Dec 28, 1983) Keith confessed his sins, repented, and accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour and Lord. Keith joined the local Baptist Church, and was baptized within the year. 

While teaching at BCIT the Lord led Keith to a writing ministry as a means of sharing his faith with the student body. Open evangelism by instructors was forbidden, but in written form, posted to the student notice board, it was tolerated as long as management was uninformed as to who was posting it. With the agreement of his Department Head (Bill) and his fellow Christian instructor (Gary) Keith’s writing ministry began. It quickly gained an audience with students and staff alike. As it was his custom to arrive early, as quickly as the copy was taken away he reposted it. The three amigos had the privilege of praying with many of the students, leading them to Christ. (These early writings were also used in Church and Intermediate Care Bible studies, as well as street evangelism and discipleship.) After ten years the mine wasn’t producing the metallurgical grade coal intended and was shut down by the government of the day; this also included the BCIT program Keith was involved in. It was well timed. Keith felt the Lord calling him into ministry. Given his age, Keith was too old, with far too many family responsibilities to begin in the lowest rung in church ministry. So not knowing where the Lord would take him, Keith returned to school, using his engineering training and experience to pay the bills. It was during his master’s program that his program (and later thesis) supervisor told Keith that he needed to narrow his interests and become involved in a compulsory work program. Chaplaincy was the head of his list. Keith called the local major hospital asking to speak with the chaplain, who turned out to be very accommodating and they became lifelong friends. The immediate need was in Palliative Care (end stage cancer), so the chaplain encouraged Keith to fulfill this role. With great trepidation Keith stepped into these shoes and the Lord greatly blessed his efforts. Keith graduated from his doctorate studies (2004) in the field of Hospice and Palliative Care. Keith continued as a counsellor in Palliative Care and medical crisis until his own health started failing in 2007. Keith had a small private practice and he filled his days with Christian writing. Keith attended and was a member of Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship.  “In the afternoon of 10 October, our good friend Keith Magee left us to be with the Father.  Keith became a member of the MCF in 2007 and since that time up until only weeks before his passing Keith contributed to the mission of bringing the gospel to the Canadian military community.”

I had an opportunity to read some of Keith’s material and I found his approach to the Scriptures refreshing as I hope you will as well. Below is a link to Keith’s expositional survey/commentary of the book of John. Please enjoy and let us know your thoughts.

The Book of John by Keith Magee