In the book of Exodus, God rescued Israel out of slavery in Egypt and established them as His covenant community by giving them His Law. Over and over, the Israelites would remember and recite this story, refusing to forget the joy of rescue

Through every trial and test ever after, their rescue from Egypt reminded them of what was possible through their God. In God’s covenant with the freed Israelites, He outlines what it looks like to be His people in the world. By following these commands, Israel becomes a compelling image of God’s heart on display. 

As beautiful as the Commandments are, they are but a glimpse of the Great Commandment that Jesus will outline in His ministry. Jesus sums up the entire covenant law given to Moses in the twin statements that make up the Great Commandment: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. And love your neighbour as yourself.” (Matthew 12:30-131)

Jesus has fulfilled all the laws by his arrival, life, death, and resurrection. By His grace, He is forming us into a covenant community transformed by His holy love. He is shaping us into a picture of what it looks like to be His people in this world. 

This Christmas, we should also remember our rescue. We must remember our story and how we were once enslaved. Not in Egypt with physical chains, under the brutality of Pharaoh. But we were once enslaved to sin. It was our exile, bound by its oppressive grip and strength. 

But Jesus faced down the empire of sin and proclaimed, “Let my people go!” Jesus is the long-awaited arrival of liberation. He overthrew the power and plagues of sin and became the Passover lamb of sacrifice so that we could be set free! He is our New Exodus! Because of Him, we can know the Joy of Rescue.

The people of Israel often retold their rescue story. What is yours? What is your testimony of Joy and Rescue? How and when did Jesus rescue you? How did that change your life? 

Look for an opportunity to share that joy this Christmas with at least one other person.