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MCF - ANTON - 2015-05-29 - Join Us English

Sometimes, when we reflect on what we do to serve the kingdom we beat ourselves up because we don’t think we are doing enough. We may even convince ourselves that possibly we are not good enough to be an ambassador. We know how important the message of salvation is and can’t deny that Jesus wants it shared. Yet, we seem afraid to tell the truth. I don’t think we are afraid because we are embarrassed to share the gospel. I think we are afraid because we think we will not do it justice. We think we will not be able to defend our beliefs or quote the appropriate piece of scripture. We are afraid because we think God enables only a few to share His truth and the rest of us get a pass. This is sinful thinking inspired and promoted by the evil one who wants to deny your witness to those you interact with on a daily basis. All of us can offer the hope of the gospel to those around us without having to thump our bibles. We get to live what we read and become a living gospel to those who see us.

The disciples were distressed when Jesus spoke about leaving them but He reminded them of His promise; the promise that a helper would be sent to be with them as they share His truth. John 14:26 imply that the Holy Spirit is with us, helping us recall things God has spoken to us in prayer and scripture. This of course does suggest we must read scripture and that when necessary the Holy Spirit will bring it to our mind to either share with someone or as a suggestion as to how we should react.

This promise should give us confidence to live daily as followers of Christ. The best we can do is to live as believers and be prepared to respond when people notice we are different. We can do even more when we call on God to prepare someone to hear His message and then ask Him to connect us as the second witness. We can ask to be the face of the Truth. This summer, you can make that connection at a yard sale, street BBQ or at the coffee shop. But don’t try it alone. Call on God to help you.

In June our MCF prayer focuses on being used by God. We ask that each morning, before you head out to wherever you have to go, that you say the words in the following prayer and ask God to use you. God has allowed the MCF to exist because He wants to use our connections to the military community. He wants us to share Jesus with serving and retired military personnel and their families because we are like them. You can be part of this ministry. All you have to do is ask God.

Lord, help us reach out to the community that you have prepared for us to share your love. Allow the things we have in common to be the way-in so that we can connect them to the hope shared by Jesus. Holy Spirit, open our eyes up to those you place before us and then nudge our hearts into action. Let us be a light to our family, friend and neighbours. We know it is by the power of the cross that we can do these things and so in Jesus’ mighty name we pray. AMEN