Join me in prayer for Afghanistan

Dear friends of the Canadian military community,
The events of this past week in Afghanistan and in particular in the capital of Kabul are widely known. For many of us the rapid Taliban take-over of the nation is not only shocking, but also heart breaking. Many members of our community have worked sacrificially in support of aiding the people of Afghanistan to gain freedoms that we in Canada take for granted. We have suffered injuries and we have lost comrades. We now experience grief anew, frustration, anger and disappointment. There is a very real tendency to lay blame on politicians, on Afghan security forces or on anyone else who we think added to this catastrophic turn of events. Yet, these reactions will not help either ourselves or the people of Afghanistan.
We members of the military Christian community have a unique opportunity in these matters. We are called to pray and to offer support where, when and how we are able. We must pray for political leaders to act with wisdom towards the new regime of Afghanistan for the sake of the Afghans, we must pray for the hand of God to restrain acts of violence against the people, we must pray for our fellow military community members who are and will be further injured by these events, and we must pray for the media that they will be able to keep us informed of what is truly happening on the ground in Afghanistan and be kept safe from recriminations. In short, we must pray. We are told that the prayers of a righteous person can accomplish much (James 5:16). 
If you are able, please implore your faith community leaders to join you in these prayers. The very next time you gather, either in person or online, bring to the conversation the very real needs of the people of Afghanistan and ask them to join you and others in prayer.  These are not the only events in need of prayer, but Afghanistan has been the focus of Canadian military effort for many years and her people warrant the intercessory prayers of the believing military community of Canada.  Please join me in prayer and pray for Afghanistan.
Gerry Potter (Colonel Retired)