Join God’s mission to the military

Galatians 5:13 Called to be Freedom.

Two interesting and difficult realities of military service is the continually moving around and the temporary family separations caused by deployments and training. We know this places stress on family life and we believe God is calling His military children to be a source of comfort and hope to their community. Postings disrupt the sense of normality in our military family as does the other major disruption of taking a family member away for weeks or months at a time to attend a course, or go on deployment. Families adapt to the change if they have a sense that the change will not take away all that they enjoy. They adapt even quicker if they have someone like them to walk with during these times.

The Military Christian Fellowship recognizes the strain put on families and wants to help. It knows that in addition to continually looking for a new doctor or dentist, getting children adjusted to new schools, and finding new places for social interactions, families also want their spiritual concerns looked after. Families want a place to worship but they also want fellowship with people like themselves. They’d like to know believers who live the similar transient life. They want to be able to find solace in another brother or sister while on deployment, on course, or even while doing their day-to-day work. Spouses want fellowship with other spouses when they are left minding the fort while the military spouse is away servicing their country nearby or afar. Our military Christian families do find fellowship in their churches but sharing with those who undergo similar day-to-day experience, with other military believers, has its rewards.

The primary mission of the MCF is to take the gospel to the unsaved in the military community. However we are also deeply concerned for our serving and retired Christian military community. We know the value of being able to fellowship with those likeminded. Only the community truly knows what life is like in service to their country and we want to find ways to connect that
community with other military brother’s and sisters. We want to build on the network of Christians already within the community to be there for one another. We also want them to join our mission, God’s mission, to take the gospel into our military community. We of course have a concern for all those who do not call Jesus Lord, whether they are in the military family or not. But, we believe because the community has common experiences, struggles and joys, God will use that bond to strengthen and grow it.

Prayer is the backbone of the MCF and we want our military community to come along side us and pray with us for the military. We have prayer partners with no affiliation with the military, other than a concern for those who serve, and we want our Christian military brothers and sisters to have that same passion. We have recognized the need to be more strategic in our prayers for the military and have developed War Rooms (prayer groups) to battle the enemy . Additionally we will develop and distribute prayer lists we call The Shield, to focus our prayers efforts. Prayer will open doors to other MCF undertakings. It also causes people to change their involvement in God’s mission.

Will you take some time to reflect on your role as a Christian in the military community?Will you talk with God about His desire for you regarding this community? Will you pray with us as we seek to serve our military family? Will you use your freedom in Christ to help free others?