It can be fixed

Do you know anyone who plays at being a Christian? Are you one of those people? These people have decided to follow Jesus but don’t necessarily see a difference in their lives, so they act in a way they think Christians behave. They have heard how life will be better, there will be promises, and all their troubles will be washed away. They don’t see change occurring as quickly as they thought and have become discouraged. They don’t know where to turn. They try to pray but feel under-qualified to speak with God and eventually put on a face that suggests to the world around them that life is excellent. They continue to go through the motions hoping it will get better. It is a pitiful existence that can be fixed.

It may not be easy to pinpoint the cause of this unfulfilled feeling. However, if we examine the actor’s new relationship with God, we may discover how one-sided it has become. The person often tries to be a follower on their own, without God and others. Often when looking at their effort to love God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength, we see they are involved in quick fix activities instead of long-term efforts. They may have forgotten or was never told that we could learn much about God through our prayers, our study of His word and during our relationship with His people. They need to ensure they are intentionally and actively doing all three.

Want to see changes in your Christian walk, then learn to know what to look for. Firstly, read and study scripture to know God’s nature, see good and bad examples of His people’s behaviour. Discover the truth that life will be good, but there will still be persecution and troubles. Scripture will reveal that during the good and the bad times, God is with those who love Him. Secondly, lean-to speak with God during those good and bad times. Focus less on what sounds right and chat about what is on your mind. God already knows what we need; He wants us to speak it. Prayer is a good teacher, and when we are in trouble, it is the best time to let God know you need Him. Thirdly, go to church as often as possible, no excuses. It is the place you can join brothers and sisters in worshipping God. It is the place where you can hear the truth, both from your pastor and from those who gather around you. The church is also where we can find that friend we need to connect with to talk about our walk. Not everyone in church can give us that advice, but there is someone who we do not have to act around and who can help us live life as God intended.

Take some time to think about being truthful about your Christian walk and then speak with God. However, please don’t stop there but seek out a Christian friend and ask them to help you understand and walk the life that brings hope.  As Ecclesiastes 4:9 reminds us, “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labour.”