Having a meaningful relationship


There are several reasons why people get married and whether we are married or not, most of us have an understanding of what that type of commitment involves. Some go through the formal legality of marriage because of religious beliefs or family pressures, but hopefully most marry because of love and companionship. Couples who agree to this type of deeper relationship know they will be spending a considerable amount of time, day and night, together. Most, also know within weeks what pleases or displeases the other and those who wish to have a harmonious and enjoyable marriage will make the effort to learn what pleases the other. Although it is easy to end a marriage, hopefully no one enters into it with an exit plan in mind. People marry because they know there can be great joy when people seek to love another and so they play their part to keep the relationship alive.

What would happen to a marriage if each morning the couple got out of their bed and started their daily routine without even acknowledging the other’s presences? What if most days of the week they woke, went through their bathroom routine, got dressed, had breakfast, jumped into their car and headed of to wherever they had to go and 10 minutes into the drive said “hi, good morning, I love you”? What if, in their minds, they had great reasons for not speaking to the other person until later in the day; they were in a hurry, they had a lot on their mind, they are not morning people, they know the other person loves them and don’t need to hear it, and so on and so on?  We don’t need to be married to understand what will probably happen if that scenario played out daily in a marriage; it will start to fail. If the couple want a meaningful relationship hopefully they will remember why they choose each other in the first place and then make the effort to acknowledge and seek to please the other person.

Did you know that many believers do not start their day talking to God? These believers, who choose to have a relationship with Jesus, have convinced themselves that they have great reasons for not doing so; they are in a hurry, they have a lot on their mind, they are not morning people, they know Jesus knows they love Him and that He doesn’t need to hear it, and so on and so on? There is great joy and benefit that comes with a relationship with God but we have to seek it out. God chooses not to force us to love Him. He desires that we make the effort to acknowledge Him. If we start our day seeking to strengthen our relationship with Him it will become very easy to please Him and experience the great joy and benefit He offers. At a minimum, each morning we should be able to say hello and acknowledge that He is our source of strength and encouragement. Daily we should be able to recognize that if we ask, He can use us each day for His kingdom.

Do you want your relationship with God? Do you want it to be meaningful? Do you want your family, friends, and those in the military community to know God? Do you want God to use you to affect them? Then start your day by talking to Him!

Let’s pray: Jesus, thank you for making your presence known to me so that I was able to find you. Thank you that each day you can be there for me. Holy Spirit, when I wake will you guide me to acknowledge and give thanks? Will you help me maintain our relationship? Will you help me love you with all my heart, soul and strength? AMEN