Good News

“Do not be afraid.
I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people,” Luke 2:10.

Christmas is a beautiful time of year. All of us (believer and non-believer) are brought face to face with God’s plan for our redemption. A King was born into this world to save the world from itself.
A king who eventually will witness every knee bow and tongue confess that He is Lord.

Christmas is about a Saviour. Our world doesn’t know. They think that Christmas is about gifts under a tree and a spirit of good cheer, with Christmas dinner and family around the table. But as good as all that may be, it isn’t nearly as good as the Real Christmas. The Real Christmas message is this: God has sent a Saviour for you. To save you and I from our sins and help us in this life, lift our burden and ease our fears. This Saviour is Christ the Lord — God himself!

The pandemic absorbs the world, and many are fearful. But fear’s hold has been broken in those of us who believe the angel’s words: “Fear not … for a Saviour is born to you — Christ the Lord!”

This December, will you take time to look around you and watch Christmas being discussed and shared. Will you not get all wound up on how people greet each other? Will you pray daily that more people will welcome Jesus into their lives. Pray the Holy Spirit moves amongst our family and friends drawing them closer to an understanding of God, so they recognize and understand why Christians celebrate this season. Don’t be a Grinch by telling people what they should be doing this season but be a spreader of glad tiding and good cheer so that people may see joy in Christmas by your actions, behaviours and words.