God Wins

MCF - ANTON - 2015-07-03 - God wins

In 1968 the Beatles released the song “All we need is love” which suggested if we could just love one another the entire world’s problem would be solved. To play the game of life, all we needed was love. Lately, following a court decision south of our border, the idea LOVE WINS popped up again suggesting if everything we do is out of love then we will be in a better world. However this idea of love is somewhat different from the love mentioned in John 3:16 which God expressed when He made it possible for all to enter eternity. His love was a true love given freely but whose benefits are conditional on belief in Jesus.

True love does not imply the unconditional acceptance of all that is happening. A wife who stands behind a husband who commits murder does not suggest to the world that she accepts the crime of murder or that she agrees with what he has done. She loves the man who committed the offense but not the offence. God loves the world but that does not mean He accepts all the world is doing. God’s love for humanity results in an offer of eternity for all but the gift is only given to those who believe in Jesus; that also includes belief in all that He said and stands for.

Loving humanity by giving them all they want does not equate to a blissful existence and definably does not result in the gift of eternity. It is also not a sign of true love because human emotion, although gifts from God, were not meant to rule our lives. They cause us to seek after the things God has cautioned us against and so in essence LOVE DOES NOT WIN. If you want to back a sure winner then know this – GOD WINS.

  • God win’s because He alone gives life to the universe and all that is in it;
  • God wins because He is moral and just and will eventually call those to eternity who have chosen to obey Him and deal with those who have rejected His offer;
  • God win’s because He is the same yesterday and today and forever and does not change. His expectations do not waver based on popular opinions.
  • God wins because His expectations are the same for all of humanity regardless of their economic or social status, cultural background, gender or sinful nature. One just needs to believe what God is offering, acknowledge our offenses against God, repent of misdeeds, seek forgiveness and choose to follow Jesus’ guidance.
  •  God win’s because He chose to tell us what His expectations are. He has revealed them in the Bible and has given all of humanity the free will to choose or accept those expectations;
  • God wins because He offers the power and ability to overcome the evil that wishes to separate humanity from God and eternity with God for all that believe;
  • God wins because He knows how weak humanity can be and so gives to those who accept, His Holy Spirit to aid and guide us in our struggle with the evil one;
  • God wins because He offers forgiveness for those who have gone against Him. Acknowledgement, repentance and a desire to adhere to God’s will opens up eternity for those who have sinned; 
  • God wins because He alone understands and offers true love. His love allowed us to be released from the bondage of sin and if we desire, we can chose to adhere to His expectations, so we can live a life of hope which leaves to eternity with Him;
  • God wins because He alone decides the eternity of all not the court of popular opinion, or a song or a movement.

We must love our neighbour as God desires by living and sharing the Gospel. Let God win them over. Pray God gives you the wisdom to know what to say and do and the courage to live your faith.  We will stand victorious because GOD WINS.