God – not guilt

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 22:9

We are vulnerable people. Our hunger, our tiredness, and even our intellect betray us. While we seek God’s presence the evil one lurks nearby to subtly attack us in seemingly innocent, yet powerful, ways. When we face trouble, he hints that God’s love is not unfailing. He suggests the words of a Christian brother or sister are hurtful causing us to feel slighted. He recognizes when we have put aside the armour of God, even for a short time, and then he moves closer to poke at our vulnerabilities. Initially, the fallout from these attacks appear minimal however, he will initiate a second assault. He will either block our efforts to recognize our behaviour and seek forgiveness, or he will play on our emotions, specifically guilt.

Guilt can be a valuable emotion as it helps us recognize that we may have done harm. However, because it can be painful and we may seek ways to soothe our feelings by making up for our actions. We may pray because we think that is what we must do. Neither God nor our friends want a relationship fed by guilt. Satan driven guilt plays on emotions. It interferes with repentance as it causes prayer and other communication to become a responsibility instead of rehabilitating necessity. Instead of speaking with our hearts, we say words to make the guilt go away. The guilt is like a veil placed before our eyes distorting our perception of God and His truth and His desires for us.

We are vulnerable to the powerful suggestions of the evil one who seeks to trip us up as while we seek a relationship with God. James 4:7. Praying helps build our relationship. Reading and studying scripture helps us understand what it means to submit to God and it should lead us to recognize our need to be obedient to His word. Because we are vulnerable we need all the help we can get.

Pray to build a relationship with God, not to hide from guilt. When we are weak, vulnerable and seemingly ineffective, God remains strong, loving and with us. Seek His strength, recognize His grace and talk with Him. Pray because you want to, not because you think you must.