God moments!

John 13:34-35

God is omnipresent; He is everywhere. He is in our hospitals beside our sickly neighbours; He is on benches, grates and shelters where our homeless veterans hang out; He is in the classroom where our youths are looking for purpose from a morally corrupt society. Maybe we should stop thinking we need to bring Jesus into the world, because He’s already there. We need to think about how we can reveal Him and make His love known to those He watches every day. We need to watch for opportunities to reveal God moments, times where God’s loves shows up so He can show off.

Since our creation, God has been on a mission to reveal His love to humanity. We have been invited to join Him and we need to decide whether we will be part of the mission or not. Church is great but the true Church is the people who gather for worship, become inspired, and learn to serve one another so they can go into their world and reveal God. God is waiting for us to reveal His love and glory to the world by our presence in the lives of those not realizing He is with them. This could mean that some may go to foreign lands to build schools or dig wells. But, for the majority of us, our mission field is right outside our front door. God is out there, waiting for us to show up so He can show off through us.

At one time ,I use to advocate the anonymous random act of kindness approach to blessing strangers. Lately, I found myself thinking, wouldn’t it be better if that stranger knew why I did what I did. Wouldn’t it be nice if we did something for someone and when they asked why, we could say “God has blessed me so I could bless someone like you” . God would immediately get all the credit and the glory and people might see the world differently knowing there are people who love God, wanting to love them.

What could you do?

Idea #1. Maybe the school where your children or grandchildren attend are struggling to find lunchroom or recess monitors. If you visited the principle asking if you and some friends could help they might accept. This may get you invited to be a classroom helper reading to children or helping them read. You become part of their community and when the opportunity appears, and it will because God will create those opportunities, you may get to explain what compels you to serve this group.

Idea #2. There are several organization seeking to serve the military community. For example, VETS Canada assist homeless veterans. They have all kinds of opportunities to help and serve. Connect with a local chapter and see what you can do. Because you are doing this to reveal God’s love, He will immediately get the glory even if those you are working with or serving do not see this for a while. You are meeting a need in your community and because you are driven by God’s desire to reveal Himself, you will be given an opportunity to make Him known.

We live in communities where the needs are many. Our neighbours are unreceptive to talking about God because they are putting so much energy into surviving, that they don’t have time to listen or take us up on our offer to come to church. However, they can’t stop from seeing what is going around them and if they watched us become the Church, a loving disciple of Jesus, they will notice and become curious. Jesus said: “the world will take notice when we love each other.” Each follower needs to find a need they can fill. The possibilities are endless but it starts with a willingness to reveal God moments to those who can’t see Him.


Anton Topilnyckyj
Prayer Coordinator