Faith is what we don’t see, yet believe.


I recently had an opportunity to speak with some people about faith. As I prepared myself for this conversation I realized how difficult it can be to explain Christian faith. There are all kinds of analogies to every day life that can be used. For example, faith is jumping out of a plane with a parachute and believing that it will function properly or faith is having no comprehension as to how a car functions but trusting that by turning the key in the ignition the car will start. These are good examples of faith, however what can we offer as an example of Christian faith that can be experienced everyday by everybody? Try using prayer as your example of faith.

Faith is the state of mind with which we come to God in prayer. We offer words to an invisible God because we believe He is listening and cares for us. We tell Him that we are seeking His will in all matters and trust that He will do what is right.  Of course we want Him to answer our prayers in a way which we can comprehend and more specifically in a manner that satisfies our request. But we do not cry out to empty heavens hoping something will happen, we pray to the Creator of the Heavens who makes things happen. We pray because He has told us that if we seek Him, we will find Him. We pray to God, whom we can not see but have an assurance that He is out there waiting for us to accept Him.

When asked by the disciples to increase their faith (Luke 17:5) Jesus did not reply “ok”. Instead He told them that even a little faith can move a mountain. Even if we admit there is much about God we don’t understand, that is Ok. When we admit there is a God then we are expressing faith. It is not about understanding God but trusting Him. The Holy Spirit introduces us to thoughts of God allowing us an opportunity to believe in Him. Faith leads us to reading scripture which in turns strengthens that faith. As we read about God’s promises fulfilled time and time again and we see the significance of Christ in those promises, our faith in God grows. Prayer enhances our belief and the more we speak to God the more we will recognize when and where God speaks back. Without faith, we can still play church but it will be on the same tone as any other club that passes time or entertains us. Faith is the reason we would choose to grow our relationship with God or tell someone else about Him.

Faith is a reaction but it is also action. Speak with God and ask Him to help you with your faith and how you can share it. Ask where and how you can bring Jesus’ hope into someone’s life.  Have faith that God wants to answer you.