Enjoy life but don’t ignore Jesus

MCF - ANTON - 2016-01-15 (1)

Have you watched YOUTUBE videos associated with talent programs such as the Idol series, Country (insert name) Has Talent, or The Voice? Most generally start by watching the programs best performances where they will rightfully be impressed by the talent around this planet. Many are unable to resist watching the worst and bad performances and may even look at the videos showing outright rude behaviour of judges and contestants. Do you think that the behaviour traits observed in these videos are an actual reflection of society after all the desires of the producers of these competitions is to find ordinary everyday people who are willing to do or say anything for recognition and glory?

These talent searches showcase children wearing clothing, gyrating, and singing lyrics that should make adults blush. There are older men and women degrading themselves by wearing revealing clothing and making sexual implicit innuendos to judges as one last grasp at recognition before the rocking chair calls them. It is apparently all done in the name of entertainment however when you watch you will see arrogance and humility, shame and pride, heartbreak and joy, and vulgarity and virtue. In videos you can observe a dominant characteristic about the contestants, their families and even friends. It is a willingness to sacrifice a considerable amount of time and effort into the hope of cashing in on fame and fortune, which, we know, is fleeing and has no eternal value.

God give each of us talents and abilities as well as the facility to display and enjoy emotions. We can take pleasure in listening to gifted artists sing just as we can benefit from listening to our children at a church concert. We must encourage others to find and develop the abilities and talents God gave but we must also pray they remember they are given to them for only a brief time and should not be a distraction from their relationship with God. We can pray that God allows us to turn our talents and abilities into gifts that bless people. No matter what talents we have, whether it is phenomenal hockey abilities or a calming presence as a customer service representative, we can pray that our gifts allow us to live and talk as dedicated followers of Jesus so we can be a witness for the kingdom.

Are your goals and desires for your children, your family, your friends or yourself about earthly glory or do you act and speak as if it is about God’s glory? Could you pray “God I will do anything, anytime and anywhere you desire? Can you make the necessary sacrifices that would please God or are you more concerned about pleasing people?

There is truly very little time on this earth and it would be terrible to focus on getting all you can out of this life at the cost of your salvation. There is joy in living for Jesus daily, which lasts through eternity. Ask yourself, is what you are focused on, for you and your family. Speak with God and allow His Spirit to convict you. Speak with a mature believer or your pastor about ways you can honour God. Enjoy what is given but find what is necessary and do it.