Don’t ignore what is around you

“Romans 1:19-20”  People are without excuses.

What is consciousness? Why are 10% of the human population left-handed? Why do we yawn and why is yawning contagious? Why do humans love music? How do magnets work? Science has many answers to the mysteries of the world but it does not have them all. Richard Dawkins, a strong proponent of the theory of evolution, has suggested Darwin’s theory of natural selection is the blind, unconscious, automatic process for the existence of all forms of life. Dawkins has suggested that natural selection has no purpose in mind. Yet, he has also stated biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose. While admitting that living things give the appearance of purposeful design, Dawkins does not consider the obvious—that, if they appear to have been designed, maybe they were designed.
(Notes are taken from website Beyond Tomorrow).

Can you believe in God while also believing in science? Absolutely. Science has aided our curious nature in trying to understand the world around us. Galileo, who contributed much to the formulation of modern science, had his belief in God challenged by his church. He responded, “I don’t feel obliged to believe that the same God who endowed us with senses, reason, and intellect, has intended us to forgo their use”. In its infancy, many in the scientific community believed in God and accepted there was the unexplainable that could only be explained with acknowledgement of divine intervention. However, they now feel they must explain in a way the world will accept even if it does not make sense to them.

God provides answers as to why there is a world, why its flora and fauna exist, why gravity prevents everything from floating into space, and why our atmosphere has the right chemical combination to allow life to flourish; He designed it that way. God not only answers how humans came into existence, but He goes further than science and shares the purpose for our existence.

We were formed in our mother’s wombs, not in some primordial mud puddle. The world wants us to accept science as the reason for our existence whereas God wants us to see He is the reason. Accepting God requires faith; God will help with that faith. God will help us see and live our purpose. Enjoy science and the world, but don’t ignore God.