Do you believe?

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Last Sunday I listened to a message about love. The love specifically spoken about was the illogical, unusual love that comes from a determined act of the will, from a joyful resolve to put the welfare of others above our own; agape love. It is that love which took Jesus to the cross and also allows us to love Him with our whole being. Agape love can create a desire in us to be concerned about the salvation of those we encounter daily. Ongoing agape love is a gift that is available to those born again, to those who have been spiritually reborn because they chose to believe in Jesus.

Questions often arise as to what do we need to believe about Jesus and Sunday’s speaker shared the following questions in the hope of getting listeners to question their own understanding and possibly connect or reconnect with God.

  • Do you believe that God created everything that exits and that He intentionally created humanity to have a daily and eternal relationship with Him?
  • Do you believe that when we enter into this relationship we can love God, the Holy Sprit and Jesus with all our heart, mind and soul and that we can also love all those around us?
  • Do you believe that in the process of loving as God desires it can cause others to praise His name?
  • Do you believe that there are things that we can do or say (sins) that are hurtful and offensive to God, to those around us, and even to ourselves and, that it is God’s desire that we do not partake in those activities?
  • Do you believe that sin is so offensive to God’s Holy nature that unless we stop or find a way to be forgiven of sin our eternity with Him will not happen and a dire outcome awaits us?
  • Do you believe that in order to reconcile the damage caused by sin Jesus was sent to earth to show us that a love exists, an agape love, which allows our behaviour to be forgiven and our eternity with God assured?
  • Do you believe that Jesus purposefully allowed himself to be arrested, brutalized and murdered and by His own power rose from the grave showing that He has authority over all life and death?
  • Do you believe the Holy Sprit can help us resist the temptation to sin and although we will never be free from the ability to sin, we can be freed from the desire to do so?
  • Do you believe that we can be born again, born of God’s Holy Spirit, so that our lives will be transformed?
  • Do you believe we must be born again, reborn with God’s spirit, so that daily we can experience God’s gift of illogical agape love?
  • Do believe that there is nothing we personally can do, no amount of good deeds, no amount of community aide, no amount of sacrifice, which alone will cause God to allow us into heaven with Him?
  • Do you believe that while we are on this earth unexplainable joy, remarkable peace, soothing comfort and wonderful hope are possible and that it stems from our belief in Jesus?
  • Do you believe that not everyone will be brought into God’s kingdom and there is judgement and eternal separation from God for those who do not believe?
  • Do you believe that we can be saved from the death caused by sin, which is eternal separation from God, and that our past and future transgressions can be forgiven when we believe and trust in Jesus’ promises and truth?

We may disagree on some aspects of the way we do church however we must not disagree on what Jesus shared which is YOU MUST BELIEVE IN HIM.

Examine yourself on these questions and if required, seek an understanding from your priest or pastor or a Christian brother or sister willing to discuss God’s expectations. Do not rely on your love or abilities but believe. Let God know what you believe and pray asking that agape love drives you to seek a stronger relationship with Him and creates a desire within you to share His truths with those you encounter.