Divine Appointments

Our MCF President introduced me to the idea of Divine Appointments during a conversation about sharing the Gospel. The Divine Appointment is that meeting God has prepared us to share Jesus. It is based on the biblical principle that God draws people to Him and knows who is ready to hear His truth and then invites those who believe to be His witness to those persons. 

It starts with us humbly approaching God each day, asking to meet with someone the Holy Spirit has prepared to hear the truth. It recognizes that we are here to do God’s work and that it is not under our power or authority that we go and share the Gospel. It requires observing the world and bringing hope to those we encounter daily. The encounter can last a few seconds or minutes or lead to several meetings where a more profound friendship grows.  

What can an encounter look like: 

– Having coffee with a friend you know has been off latterly and listening to them.

– Acknowledging the presence of service staff by greeting them politely and even using the name they display on their name tag.

– Saying Hi and smiling to those we encounter as we go about our day.

– Praying for someone we just met.

– Having a deeper conversation with someone about Jesus.

As soldiers of the cross, we must prepare ourselves to meet with those who do not know Jesus as Saviour. Here are two tips that can help prepare you for your Divine Appointments. (from Evangelism.org):

Be prepared to talk about how you became a follower of Jesus.
 “When did Jesus become real to you?” That seems to be a tough question for many. It’s not that they don’t have faith but that they lack words to express that faith. Think back to some season in your life when it was clear that you had an encounter with Jesus. Try to describe that experience without using overly religious words.

Be prepared to talk about the difference Jesus has made in your life.
You may find it easy to share how you give to the food pantry, tutor a child, or repair a single mom’s car. But how has becoming a follower of Christ changed you?  Could you share a hope-filled testimony in a few sentences?

Our faith is not meant to be scheduled. As disciples of Christ, our faith is present 24/7 during good and bad times. We show our faith by how we react to the circumstance around us, and whether we realize it or not, people are watching and hopefully saying, “they’re different. I want what they have. “

Pray for the Divine Appointment God has prepared for you and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s nudging to respond as they arise.