Devote yourselves to prayer

MCF - ANTON - 2015-09-18 (1)What do you think would be the greatest gift you could give someone?  If they suffered from chronic pain would you want to offer them healing?  If their marriage had fallen apart would you want them to feel loved?  If they were undergoing troubles at work would you like to release them from that stress? If they had suicidal thoughts would you like to give them hope?  What would be the greatest gift you would like to receive?  Would you like family harmony?  Would you like financial stability i.e. a job that helps you meet your daily needs?  Would you want peace and calmness in your busy world? Would you like to know that your family, friends and neighbours were followers of Jesus?

Do you know that God offers all those gifts and many more?  He wants to bless our lives, and offer comfort and hope.  He wants us to experience heaven on earth.  God loves when we speak to Him directly and He is also pleased if we ask on behalf of someone else.  Prayers are the means by which God offers His love to this world.  As we pray we connect to His will and He connects to us.  He uses our prayer to change us so that we can affect the world around us.  He uses our prayers to answer our needs and the needs of those we pray for.  God wants us to pray as individuals but because He created us to live in community, He expects and allows us to pray for each other.

There is no other way to do God’s work without prayer.  There is no way to receive the Holy Spirit’s guiding and comforting presence in our lives without prayer.  There is no way to enjoy the encouragement, strength, and peace offered by God without prayer.  There is no way to survive the difficult, challenging and even painful experiences that life offers without prayer. Without prayer, there is no way to be used by God to share His hope and love to a broken world.

We want to pray with you and want you to pray for us.  If you have a request for yourself or for someone, please share with us and we will ensure others get on board and pray.  Requests can be sent to or from our website.