Christmas Greetings for Canadian Troops

The Military Christian Fellowship is initiating again this year a Christmas Card send off to Canadian Troops deployed over Christmas. The MCF had the opportunity last year to participate with a local Ottawa Church in our mission to bring the good news of Jesus to our military community during the Christmas Season.  We ask that your church join us in 2019 and would enthusiastically participate by writing notes of encouragement and thanks in gospel-centric Christmas cards.

When someone serving in our Canadian Forces are deployed over Christmas, this becomes a very trying time for them and to receive a prayer card from someone in Canada can be truly encouraging.  Shared with us is a testimony from Jazmine as she served oversees away from her family: “I cannot fully describe the sensation of receiving Jesus’ love that I experienced in that moment, upon hearing that the woman––unknown to me––was thanking me for my service and praying for me. I realize now how hard I had been working to keep up a tough (false) persona all those months, because I clearly recall how my heart softened so much in that moment that I nearly cried. For a few brief moments, the Spirit carried His love straight to my core”.

In 2018, CFB Trenton informed us that not since the Afghan conflict had they witnessed such an incredible response from the public to inundate the troops with Christmas mail. We are so pleased to have been part of this initiative of support and many of our deployed members received the message of Christ. We ask you to participate with us this year to do the same.

Encourage your church to participate, contact the MCF office and we will provide you with more details on how to proceed.