Chaplains, called to be servants


We are fortunate as a nation that our government allows our Armed Forces access to Chaplains. There appears to be no public outcry concerning their presence and role and so we can thank God that His name can still be spoken in garrisons, aboard ships, in squadrons and on the battle fields. Despite this so-called endorsement, their role is not easy. They are called first as servants of the almighty and then as servants to the men, women and families of our forces. They wear the uniform of our country as well as the armour of God and are placed in danger from the physical enemies that plagues our planet as well as the invisible ones that seek to destroy all they do for God.   They need our encouragement.

Scripture suggests that chaplains have a God ordained purpose and since we believe in that service we want to offer them our support. During the months of February and March, we will pray for our chaplains. The attached February calendar identifies the locations of chaplains and each day we ask that you join your MCF brothers and sisters and pray for that location. Also, daily on FACEBOOK we will identify names of chaplains who will be supported in prayer that day. The FACEBOOK name is not meant to imply the chaplain works in the location mentioned on the prayer calendar. We want to pray for the men and women who serve and the location they serve at.

How shall we pray?

  • Pray they are surrounded by workers who will support them in their calling
  • Pray those who hear them, both soldier and leader, are responsive to their message
  • Pray they are treated with respect as they labour for God
  • Pray God showers them with an abundance of love, hope, joy, faith, peace, power, wisdom, and courage
  • Pray they remain patient an understanding even under  the strain of military service
  • Pray God shows you and others a way to encourage them
  • Pray they stay focused on presenting the big picture – the one involving eternity with God

There are many other ways to bring our chaplains before God and so allow the Holy Spirit to guide your prayer.  Lastly, if you can, let a chaplain know that you care and that you have their back.