This ministry helps to restore and find healing for any soul and moral injury you may have. The format of the program helps veterans and spouses understand the hidden impact of combat and provides a safe place for their emotional healing.  Whether you are suffering of any trauma or know someone who is, prayerfully consider joining others for moral support and care.  

You are invited to come to the next Welcome Home Initiative©️ taking place 7-9 November at Christ the King spiritual Life Center, Greenwich, NY 12834.  There is NO CHARGE for veterans or their spouses.  

To learn more, apply to attend, or to support this initiative:   www.ctkcenter.org

Registration for the Retreat: https://christthekingcenter.campbrainregistration.com  

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“Sharing life, hope and Jesus on Alpha in 2022 ” 

Sessions have started and we are excited to explore with friends, family and many the experience of seeing first-hand the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation. This encouragement helps the entire military community recapture the joy of evangelism. The MCF is offering an online Alpha where people bring their friends for a conversation about life, faith and Jesus.

Watch the ‘trailer‘ and pray for us as we connect with a group from across the country this fall. 

For more information don’t hesitate to contact at mcfoffice@themcf.ca



LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2022 will be held online as one global experience.

LC22 is a free, 2.5 hour experience, hosted by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel and taking place at four different times and interpreted in 16 other languages. Register to experience the event in your local language.
May 2, 3, 4, 2022.
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Our mission is to gather in unity; offering hope and empowering God’s people around the world to play their part in building God’s kingdom.
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navigators discipleship Lab

Next Discipleship Lab:
Tuesday, February 15 | 5:30 – 6:30 PM PT | 8:30 – 9:30 PM ET
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Are your friends warm and hospitable… but resistant to gospel conversations?
In this D Lab our speaker will address this dilemma with answers she has been learning from God and from her neighbors:How do I deal with repeated disappointment with my friends’ response to the gospel – and still remain “joyfully expectant”? How do I learn to discern what God is doing and not take offence at what He’s (apparently) not doing?How can I learn to “above all, trust in the slow work of God”?
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ALPHA 2022 New Year’s SESSION

I am looking forward to what the Lord has determined that the MCF will be involved in the New Year.

2022 we will offer our sixth online Alpha Course.
Sunday, 16 January online 7:00 pm EST

I love this course as it presents the fundamentals of the Christian faith in an easy to understand yet sufficiently profound way that participants have all that they need to become followers of Jesus.  And for those who already know Him, their faith will be steeled.

The MCF’s core mission, the reason that we exist, is to bring the gospel to the Military community at home and abroad. The Alpha course is an excellent tool to use in accomplishing that mission.

If you haven’t been on an Alpha course, please consider joining us or some other Alpha course in your local setting.  If you have been on the course, then talk to your military community friend or family member about joining us on Alpha this fall.

Meet Christina, she accepted a friend’s invitation to our Alpha online course in early 2021.  There was plenty of time for great discussions on different topics and questions.  

Christina continues to participate because of the wonderful relationships that developed during Alpha and now has joined our team as a volunteer.  

Get out there and invite (virtually) your bud, your bro, your sis, your mom, your… and register for the MCF Alpha course. The experience will change them and you…forever.

Are you ready to join us, here are the coordinates for the group:
Sunday, 16 January online at 7:00 pm EST
Leading the sessions: Gerry Potter – mcfoffice@themcf.ca